Speed of Light In Deep Dark Space

More fascinating science reported in the Cleveland Reader says that the speed of light in space may be variable. It seems the speed of light can be affected and that some computations  should be revised to include the speed of light as variable and not a constant in real space.

Since the first recorded attempt to measure the speed of light by Galileo there have been many discoveries refining, defining and quantifying the speed of light. If you are interested enough to read the Cleveland Reader article, dig a little deeper around the internet. Sometimes in school science didn’t seem as interesting to me as it should have.


Neanderthals, What Big Eyes You Had

A study published in the Royal Society B suggests that Neanderthals had larger eyes than we do and that led to their demise.

The BBC reports that more of their brains were devoted to what they were able to see at the expense of higher level processing.

The wonderful work done by scientists such as these is fascinating to, well Neanderthals such as myself. But with each discovery or each new theory posited, I realize how little we actually know. So much of I was taught in school as FACT, has not stood the test of time. Wish some of my teachers who gave me those C grades would show up at a class reunion. Wonder if it is too late to get a grade changed. Probably don’t want to go there best to leave well enough alone.