Tournament of Roses – End of a Tradition

New Year’s day morning has always meant watching the Tournament of Roses. Usually in person in the stands or along the curb of Colorado Boulevard and twice being in the parade as a member of the Pasadena City College Tournament of Roses Honor Band.

So many great memories of family and the parade and the start of a new year. Today the Rose Parade is just ending for those at the start of the 5.5 mile route and time to turn to football games. But this year I didn’t even bother to watch it on television. As a journalist I would normally have at least watched to see how the parade was covered but I don’t even have that much interest, I wouldn’t want to watch the parade with family and have to explain to children about a homosexual wedding taking place on a float rolling down the parade route at 2.5 miles per hour.

Writing in the Los Angeles Times, Robin Abcarian in her usual smarmy style, posits that a float with two homosexuals exchanging wedding vows isn’t the apocalypse and anyone not wanting their children watching are simply ignorant. Well not just ignorant, she has a lot of pent-up hostility toward those of us who hold opinions not in line with her enlightened thinking.

She may be right, it might not be the apocalypse but then one can’t be sure. It may not mean the end of the world as we know it but it does mean the end of traditions for many of us. For Ms. Abcarian and many others that is a good thing. They know best, we who disagree once again don’t deserve to exist so I for one am going away. Not to visit Pasadena on New Year’s Day, not to have children in the Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts I’m not even sure about having children attending public school in California.

For in the great state of California even kindergarteners now have the right by LAW to choose which restroom they feel comfortable using. Yes transgendered 5 year-olds. And I am the crazy one? Yes the forward thinking and ever so compassionate lawmakers passed legislation which was signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown to allow kids to be whatever they want to be. Boys can be on girls teams if the youngster actually self identifies as a girl. And they think my side is the anti-science group.

Sorry, I would never allow a child of mine to bully, pick-on or belittle another child for having to wear glasses, wearing braces, have red hair or any of the things kids for hundreds of years have used as reasons to pick on others. Kids can be really cruel. Nor would I let my child to hurt another 7 year-old because she is questioning her sexuality. My gosh, they are correct, I am ignorant, I just can’t accept that gender identity is an issue that should turn the world upside down for the 99.99% of first graders for whom sexual matters aren’t an issue.

So while I am not in favor of being a bully neither am I in favor of allowing a tiny minority to do as they please and demand that their behavior not only be tolerated but be praised as something to be proud of.

In 2014 the world will move forward with the help of enlightened and intelligent people (if you doubt it just ask them) such as Robin Abcarian and Governor Moonbeam and a president who has been able to “evolve” to support new ideas such as homosexual marriage. As for me I will devolve and take a quiet but firm stand. The word gay has meaning for me but it doesn’t mean homosexual. That is the word I will use if I must make reference to it. Not much I can do for other words that have been corrupted by the cause. Can’t use the word partner any longer. Introduce a business associate as your partner and there is an immediate question as to what you actually mean. The rainbow has also lost its luster.

Happy New Year everyone.