Magic Johnson Thrilled When Mike D’Antoni Resigns as Los Angeles Lakers Coach

Magic Johnson celebrates the firing of Lakers coach Mike D’Antoni in  childish, boorish tweets and is called out on it by Charles Barkley.  Mr. Johnson tweeted, “happy days are here again”. And crows, “Mike D’Antoni resigns as the Lakers’ coach, I couldn’t be happier.” Pretty classless on Mr. Johnson’s part.

Mr. Barkley says Johnson is bigger than that. And he is correct. In today’s world what Mr. Johnson felt the need to shout out to the world is an everyday occurrence but it is not the sort of behavior to be proud of.

The reaction of many in the comments section for the story in the above link however, is as sad as Mr. Johnson’s celebration over a man losing his job. The issue at question is whether it is appropriate for someone to be so gleeful at another’s misfortune not whether one agrees  with him. Many think Coach D’Antoni wasn’t a good fit with the Lakers and of course were upset that Jim Buss hadn’t hired Phil Jackson in the first place. That  is not the point at issue. But people commenting can’t understand what is at the heart of the article and agree with Mr. Jackson’s opinion of the ability of the former Lakers coach.

Think. Then think again. That is the motto at Nincompoop Nation. Just as Mr. Johnson sent out hurtful comments about someone – hopefully he will find a little more self-restraint in the future by thinking before Tweeting, so should folks give a moments thought, actually think about the issue at hand, before jumping on the keyboard to comment.


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