Update: Warped Ideas From The Los Angeles Times

It just gets better and better. Or is it worse and worse. The dust-up over the Pasadena City College commencement speaker continues and the City Health Director is now on paid leave because of comments he made that the intolerant among us insist are hateful.

Quick review.  Dustin Lance Black was dis-invited to speak at the PCC graduation ceremonies because of photos on the internet of him and a sex partner. Nothing to be embarrassed about here his supporters shout. Then   Eric Walsh was slated to speak in place of Mr. Black. Well leave it to the Students for Social Justice to find truly terrible comments that Mr. Walsh has made and to insist that he not be allowed to speak because his hateful and insensitive comments should preclude him from being a speaker at PCC. Not only is he not going to speak but he has been placed on  temporary paid administrative leave by the City of Pasadena while they investigate  to determine if his comments are grounds for termination.

Although Mr. Walsh is a man of color, which would allow him to say what he wants in the most vulgar of terms if he wanted to, in this case he is in hot water because he isn’t part of the liberal elite. Mr. Walsh is actually a Seventh-day Adventist preacher and you just know his social views are not going to be tolerated by the tolerant Students for Social Justice.

To recap, Mr. Walsh needs to be banned from campus because of his sermons as a Seventh-Day Adventist preacher and Mr. Black must be welcomed because photos of him and another man doing what they enjoy doing shouldn’t be held against him. Mr. Black accused college administrators of attempting to shame him for his sexuality. But of course he thinks it is his sexual preference that is the issue not that photos of him in sexual situations have been distributed world-wide.

Once again there is no place for contrary opinions in the eyes of liberals. You must allow them to have their say. Then you must agree with what they say. Then you must endorse what they say or they will destroy you. Preach tolerance sister.

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