Businesses Held Hostage By Internet Blackmailers

The power of the internet in this, the Information Age, is being used and abused. A couple of stories points out problems that have people searching for solutions while too many of us don’t have a clue about what is going on. This report in THE TELEGRAPH is about the abuse of the website TripAdvisor by what some business owners are calling blackmailers. The blackmailers demand special treatment at hotels and restaurants by threatening to post bad reviews on TripAdvisor.

A sane person who has read reviews from the great unwashed masses for anything from hotels, restaurants, books, you name it, knows that it is dangerous to listen to people you don’t know, talking about things they may or may not know anything about. Or, they may actually have an agenda to boost or tear down something. That leads us to democracy for the stupid, in the words of Alex Proud writing in THE TELEGRAPH about the death of the professional critic at the hands of amateurs who usually seem like an angry mob.

The aggrieved aren’t taking it without a fight however. And it becomes a fight over free speech for some. There is this situation reported on by NATIONAL JOURNAL, that is spiraling out of control over a negative review on Amazon. An unhappy customer posted a negative review of a router he had purchased and wasn’t happy with. That company has threatened to sue the man who posted the review. Now Amazon has revoked the company’s seller account. The company, Mediabridge, is now unable to sell on Amazon which means there will likely be people losing their jobs.

The power of the internet is out of control.

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