Dodgers’ Star Yasiel Puig Needs To Have “Showboat” Translated For Him

To barrow a phrase from Rush Limbaugh, “with talent on loan from God”, Yasiel Puig  certainly has the talent and athletic ability to be able to amaze on the baseball field. But with all the God-given physical assets he was blessed with it seems he might not have stood in the line where he could have obtained mental and emotional assets that are helpful in life.

As I write this the Dodgers and Giants are playing and with the bases loaded a fly ball is lofted to medium right-center field where Mr. Puig made the catch and unloaded a perfect throw to the plate. The runner on third didn’t even attempt to score because of the reputation or the Dodgers right fielder’s arm. Dodgers’ announcer Vin Scully pointed out that Puig did everything wrong except the throw which was phenomenal. Puig had caught the ball and made the throw flat-footed because his coaches have never been able to get him to learn how to play the game properly. As fine an athlete as he is, the potential for greatness is diminished by his disinterest in learning the finer points of the game.

Steve Dilbeck writes in the LOS ANGELES TIMES about Mr. Puig and his reputation as a showboat and the problems his behavior has already caused him. Unfortunately he behaves the way so many people do today and for many in our society that is just fine. For me, the humility of yesterday is far better than the boorish behavior of today.

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