Elderly Man Beaten In Parking Lot – Reports Differ

Terrible situation in Los Angeles involving a 79 year-old man who was attacked in a parking lot by a young man who claimed the man scratched his car. Look at the reports and think again about the state of journalism today. It is not uncommon for the fur to fly when reports fail to mention the race of a suspect and that is no different here. In the reports neglecting to mention the race of the suspect, commenters immediately know what the race must be and that is because they have seen it over and over. Media outlets in our PC times have decided it is best not to mention race because hurt feelings are worse than reporting all the salient facts.

Beyond this problem is the age-old problem of simply getting the facts wrong. Today, when being first is paramount and the facts are secondary we continue to have simple, black and white facts if you will, inaccurately reported. This report from CBS Los Angeles fails to mention the race of the suspect and the commenters go wild. The Victorville Daily Press report says the suspect is white. In his report on NBC 4 News, Jacob Rascon seems to be a young product of our failing school system, his grammar is poor, mispronounces the name of the car in question, so do we believe him when he says the victim stated the race of the assailant as being a black man? So in these 3 reports we get black, white and a no mention.

Yes I know the poor man who was beaten is the story and I am going on about the state of journalism and political correctness and race. It’s OK. We must be able to Think, Then Think Again about different aspects of an issue at hand.

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