Johnny Manziel Buys A Round At Bar

Following up on the post about Yasiel Puig’s immaturity I can’t help but comment on Johnny Football’s behavior. I’m not the only who has an opinion on the subject of course but it seems most approve of how Mr. Manziel comports himself. And they chastise those such as myself because, if you aren’t perfect you have no right to point out the failures you see in others.

To a point I can appreciate that however many of the problems that we suffer from today are a direct result of no one being held accountable for bad behavior for so long that a new normal results. And the new normal includes less civility everywhere you turn and those who have helped create this atmosphere now wonder why it has come about.

Johnny Manziel is another wonderfully gifted athlete who likes to live large and do things on his own terms. So what’s wrong with that. Why should he care what I or anyone else thinks. He knows he is great and wants everyone else to know it as well. Just don’t let it be said that no one bothered to warn him that he might not be really thinking things through before he acts.

After being drafted by the Cleveland Browns yesterday, Mr. Manziel bought a round of drinks at a drinking establishment he frequents. He had set it up beforehand,  leaving his credit card info with the general manager of Chimy’s who is a friend of his. He wanted to spend about $2,000 in honor of the number 2 he wore at Texas A&M, to buy Miller Lite and a Fireball shot for as many drinkers as the $2,000 dollars would cover. Turns out that was about half of the people there.

Now he was originally going to appear by means of live video and speak to the people but as he sat while 21 others were drafted ahead of him that part of the celebration was called off. And why wasn’t he drafted earlier? Well, part of the reason teams shied away was a general consensus that his head isn’t screwed on straight.

ESPN reports on all of this and as usual I am intrigued by the comments of people reading the article. Typically many think that those who criticize him are losers and jealous of him. Others find fault with his buying Miller Lite, which evidently is perceived as being somewhere near the bottom of the beer draft. I don’t drink so I can’t comment on that. I will say that to belittle a gift is just more boorish behavior.

Others are more in line with my thinking. Mr. Manziel is very concerned about his brand. He knows that he has the ability to score the sort of money we 99%ers can’t even fathom. On that level I’m sure he will do fine, raking it in like crazy. Unfortunately there are far to many athletes who make hundreds of millions but wind up bankrupt. If Mr. Manziel thought things through just a little bit he might do a whole lot better. Instead of throwing the $2,000 down at a bar how much better his reputation would have been served using that money in another way. And yes I recognize that I am close to what I earlier called boorish behavior in those who said Miller Lite isn’t much of a gift.

The point would be that we are all free to do as we please with our life. But there are limits, limits which change over time but when it is all over it is Johnny Manziel’s life that will have been lived. If he reaches the end and is happy so be it. I wish him well and hope he has a wonderful, productive and meaningful life.

Yevgeny Yevtushenko had said it well,  All values in this world are more or less questionable, but the most important thing in life is human kindness. ”

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