Tina Brown Dishes On Monica Lewinsky and Hateful People

Tina Brown can certainly turn a phrase. Turn a phrase into a hateful screed that lambasts anyone she disagrees with. She writes in a manner that those who agree with her enjoy reading. Well check for yourself at THE DAILY BEAST

Ms. Brown laments what has become of the media with no-holds bared gossiping. Using illegal tape recordings and things said in private moments to embarrass and destroy people. But then it would be instructive to look at Ms. Brown’s career in the media to see how she has contributed to the current day situation.

Ms. Brown touches on issues that I agree haven’t been well thought out however I truly believe the problem in Ms. Brown’s world is that she can’t control who is hurt by the reporting not that “someone” is hurt. Attack those she doesn’t like and she isn’t going to see it as much of an issue as when those on her side have to defend themselves.

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