Johnny Manziel Parties Hard After The NFL Draft

OK, I’m out. Well I’m definitely out of it. The NEW YORK POST reports on Johnny Manziel’s  night out in New York after the NFL Draft. Well, good for Johnny Football he has a lot of hard work ahead of him in the months to come.

But really, reading the line-up of the stars present at Avenue nightclub in Chelsea made me Think, Then Think Again about how out of touch I really am. I’m not surprised but clueless doesn’t describe my awareness.

According to the POST those spotted at the hot nightspot included Meek Mill, Busta Rhymes, Future, A$AP Ferg, Plaxico Burress, Julez Santana and rapper Yo Gotti. Really? Thanks for the clue that Yo Gotti is a rapper but who in this world outside my universe are these other people? A$AP Ferg, now that is a way cool name. I suspect there is only one thing I have in common with these people, despite their star status I don’t really care who they are and although they don’t know it, I’m sure they wouldn’t care who I am either.

Party on.

P.S. Although spell-check didn’t recognize all of the stars either, it did recognize more of them than I did.

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