Lem Johns, Secret Service Agent For Lyndon Johnson

Lem Johns who was guarding Vice-President Lyndon Johnson in Dallas the day President Kennedy was assassinated in 1963, has passed away at the age of 88. The NY TIMES recounts that day and his career in the Secret Service.

One of three generations of secret service agents in the Johns’ family, he was riding in the car behind then Vice-President Johnson when he heard the shots ring out. Jumping out of the car he tried to get to Johnson in the car ahead of his however the motorcade took off at high-speed and he was left on the street. He jumped in a car carrying photographers and then transferred to a police motorcycle sidecar to get to Parkland Memorial Hospital.

He found the Vice President safe and went scouting for a safe exit to use to get Johnson out of the hospital but while he was searching, the Vice President was hurried into an unmarked police car and taken back to Love Field and Air Force I, leaving Mr. Johns once again left behind.

He joined Johnson’s White House detail and served and was named the detail’s chief in 1965.


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