Projections For Next Season’s NCAA Football Bowl Matchups

Unfortunately it is never to early to be talking about something no one can have any realistic idea about. So with that, the 2014 NCAA college football season doesn’t start for 3 1/2 months and here is CBS Sports Bowl Expert Jerry Palm filling out his best guesses for which teams will fill which spots in the bowls coming up in December and January.

If you are a sports junkie though you might want to give a look. I found it interesting only because my Wyoming Cowboys are actually given a shot at playing in the New Orleans’ Bowl in December. New Wyoming coach Craig Bohl has just gotten through his first spring-football with the Pokes and is still getting to know his players but if Palm is right, Mr. Bohl will be adding one month’s base salary, which would be around $25,000 to his income for gaining a bowl invitation.

At the other end of the projections Mr. Palm figures Alabama and Oklahoma to face off at the Sugar Bowl  and Florida State to go against Ohio State at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena with the winners matching up in the title game in Arlington Texas.

The most useful thing about these sort of expert prognostications is to save them and check back in December to see how well he did. Then when you get expert advice for stock investments, remember this and – Think, Then Think Again.

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