Worst Majors For College Students If You Want To Make Money

The Wall Street Cheat Sheet lists five majors to shy away from if you want to make a lot of money after college. Unfortunately some of these careers if not all of them are important jobs that can use the best educated, best qualified and most motivated professionals possible. Teaching in elementary school for example would never attract those whose first thought is $$$. Taking this career as an example, there are those who become teachers because it is just something they think they could make a living doing. Then there are the many who become teachers because they want an opportunity to make a difference in young lives and contribute to society regardless of the pay.

Think, Then Think Again. There have been lawsuits against for-profit schools for misleading potential students promising things they claim the schools ultimately didn’t provide. The result for many is a large debt and working at minimum wage jobs. There are traditional schools that are being proactive in providing data showing employment data of their graduates. Then of course there is the problem of having a degree but what does it mean to an employer?

A college education today is more problematic than ever. The speed of change in the world makes many career choices a problem. You may head off to school for four or more years dedicated to landing a job you really want only to find that it is a profession that has disappeared in the time you were studying in school. I know so many young people who are off to a university with no real idea of what they are going to do or would even want to do. Higher education takes a lot of your time and money and if you don’t have a lot of either to waste you need to do a lot of Thinking and soul-searching before you begin your journey into academia.

Taking a year off between high school and college is not the worst idea in the world. Athletes are given that opportunity by using a red-shirt year. A year where they aren’t playing on the team but are working out getting physically stronger as well as advancing emotionally and mentally. Even not going to college is an option. Depending on your interests, abilities and desires you may be better off at least postponing if not forgoing one completely.

I wish everyone had the type of intellectual curiosity and love of learning that they would want to be exposed to a learning environment  a great university can provide. But even then financial considerations come into play. The “privileged” might be better able financially, to spend four years just soaking in knowledge without regard to what they can do with it after they earn their degree. No matter if you attend school or learn on your own, expanding you mind, your universe, your knowledge base tends to make one a better person, better citizen and hopefully more fulfilled as a person regardless of the ultimate monetary rewards.

It is worth the effort to shoot for whatever you want in life but it is very important to take every aspect of who you are and what your desires are into account before committing to a goal. The simple advice – Think, Then Think Again.

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