Conservative Blogger Arrested In Mississippi

Clayton Thomas Kelly, a conservative blogger stepped way over the line of propriety by sneaking into a nursing home, photographing the wife of Mississippi Senator Thad Cochran and then posting it online. Exactly what Mr. Kelly could have been thinking is beyond belief. He supports a more conservative candidate in the upcoming primary and thought taking advantage of a helpless woman in a nursing home was a good opportunity to smear Senator Cochran.

Everyone involved is hurt by Kelly’s terrible action. The Senator, his wife, the candidate Kelly supports even though he had no control over the situation and the conservative cause in general. I won’t give the site address of Kelly’s blog, he does not deserve to gain in any way from this. From what I have read in media accounts of him, I would guess we share many of the same political and social ideals so I don’t criticize him for any reason other than what he did was deplorably inexcusable.

Next time Mr. Kelly gets what he assumes is a good idea, he needs to Think. Then Think Again.

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