Good People, Martha Ann Baker Was One Of Them

Today it is not politically correct to judge others. I can understand the rational, however I judge others every day the same way those who find it a nasty habit also make judgments, but somehow manage to delude themselves into believing they would never commit such a horrible sin. Others judge me and I’m afraid they are often correct in faults they find to be objectionable. I don’t know many who like to have their personal shortcomings pointed out, I certainly don’t but, I try to as least take criticism under review and Think about it. The criticism might be something I should take to heart and something to work on.

In today’s world we are force-fed who we should like, accept and praise on a daily basis. Usually these people have made a media splash for what I would consider the wrong reasons and despite political correctness I would rather ignore them altogether. So, if you can’t say something nice…

Thinking about people recently getting their 15 minutes of fame I started thinking about people I have known who I consider to be good people. People who have made the world a better place in some way during their short stay here. The encouraging thing during this time of contemplation was remembering how many people have touched my life in a positive way. As I get older and perhaps to cynical I have too often forgotten the good in the world as my attention is drawn to those, I, shall we say have less fondness for.

One person I can say I did admire, for we lost her over two years ago, was a woman named Martha Ann Baker. The Bakers, Martha and husband Ike, were friends of the family for many decades. I am only sorry that we didn’t have the chance to spend more time with them. My father and Ike were business associates and most of our family visits came during the holidays and too infrequent visits over the years. Ike was able to make decent money and the family was well provided for. They could have lived a much more lavish lifestyle than they did, from what I know. But they were happy in their tract home in Bellflower California where they raised their family, entertained friends and neighbors and enjoyed grandchildren in later years. They could have traveled and done many other things but except for Ike’s Corvette and other cars which he has always taken immaculate care of, I don’t believe they ever spent money extravagantly on anything.

This tribute page for her at the Alzheimer’s Association, tells her story exactly as I remember Mrs. Baker. A kind and caring woman. The best friend one could find, a neighbor you could count on in any situation and loving wife, mother and doting grandmother. She did nothing that today’s media would find extraordinary, nothing to attract the kind of celebrity that is the norm today. She was simply, good. The world is better for the life she led for 88 years and when those who knew her take time to remember, she is missed.

Even though I often suspect it isn’t true, there are good people all around. I am giving myself this advice and maybe it would benefit you as well. Think. Then Think Again about those you know who are special to you or who you know are just plain good and decent. Then don’t neglect to let them know how you feel.

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