Los Angeles Crime Scene Photos, Should Make You Think

The Huffington Post ran a series of never before seen crime photos from the Los Angeles City Records Center. Most of the photos are from the 1940’s and 1950’s and were taken by Los Angeles Police Department crime scene investigators.

Take a look at any one of the photos of a person who has just lost their life.

Notice the caption under the 16th photo in the series. I didn’t feel good about viewing the body of a man whose life had come to an end on September 13, 1939 and my main thought was about the inaccurate caption. “Victim’s feet hanging off bed.” Well, not exactly.

Although Huffpost warns of graphic nature of the images, what you will see probably isn”t as gory as what you would see from a Hollywood “CSI” type show. The thing about these photos is, they are real. Take a look at any of the pictures of someones body and actually Think about the person. How did this soul wind up like this. Lying lifeless with a gun or knife still in his hand.

Don’t give me the knee-jerk reaction that first pops into your mind, if you are like me anyway, sure I know he probably had it coming, he got what he asked for, he must not have been a pillar of society. I get it.

 “I shall allow no man to belittle my soul by making me hate him.” Booker T. Washington

But again Think about this person’s day leading up to this bad ending. About the person’s life leading up to this bad day. The man in the seventh photo in the series, lying lifeless on the backseat of a car. Never again will he threaten anyone with that gun. Or never again will he do something nice for a fellow human being. Did he ever do anything nice? Did he behave well most of his life? I just have to wonder what he was all about. Looks very nicely dressed in any case. Really more interesting than CSI, but without a clear conclusion.

As one commenter points out, it is a shame the powers that be were going to destroy the lot of these photos. At least some of the best were saved. Maybe I just have a macabre streak but these photos did make me –

Think. Then Think Again.


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