College Basketball Coach Don Meyer Passes Away At Age 69

Even if you are a big sports fan there is a good chance you will check this out just because you never heard of Coach Don Meyer. Even though when he retired he held the record for most wins by any men’s coach in NCAA history. The single reason many of us never heard of him is because he was satisfied with coaching at smaller colleges rather than basking in the limelight of Division I. He coached at schools such as Lipscomb University where his team won the national title in 1986.

While there are great coaches and molders of young student athletes at the Division I level, there are coaches at the lower levels who are as great in every way as those whose names are known to tens of millions of fans. Coach Meyer reputation was that of being a teacher. 

Although he did his work in relative obscurity, under the radar of most ESPN telecasts, he obviously was someone who made a difference in the lives of the student athletes he coached as well as his peers in the coaching profession. Condolences to the Meyer family.

Think. Then Think Again. We should be more aware of the other men and women such as Don Meyer who are outstanding achievers in their profession and for whom fame and financial reward wasn’t the ultimate goal in life.

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