Disneyland Prices Go Up

Disney has announced that they are raising their admission prices again this year and hopefully the good take from this would be the view that there must be some good things going on in the economy for Disney to feel comfortable in a price increase. And they have reasons for being optimistic, their attendance is up to the point that they are suspending sales of new SoCal season passes, so there will be room for other visitors who are showing up in big numbers. Sales of other season passes including the no black out  Premium  which costs $699 a year may be also be suspended in the future. Now a one day ticket for, one park for, anyone over the age of 10 will be $96. Disney says that with all you get during a day at Disneyland or California Adventure, the price of admission is good value for your dollar.

I remember being shocked many years ago in Florida, arriving at the ticket window at Disney World and finding out a ticket was $49. Disney knows its business, however for a family of four to just get into the park would cost $384 with parking, food and maybe a small, very small, souvenir your day out will top $500 with ease. Kind of puts a lot of pressure on you to make sure you enjoy your time at the Happiest Place on Earth.

I enjoy theme parks. I belong to American Coaster Enthusiast and ride a lot of coasters. But definitely not as much as I used to.


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