Mark Twain Was A Racist Says Washoe Tribe Of Nevada And California

The Nevada State Board on Geographic Names has shot down a proposall to name a cove at Lake Tahoe after Samuel Clemens, Twain’s real name. The proposal was doomed from the start, there was no way something like that could happen with the number of groups that could claim to be aggrieved by the American satirist. In this case, Darrel Cruz, head of the Washoe Tribes cultural resource department, said it was unacceptable to honor Twain because of derogatory things Twain wrote about the Washoe and other tribes.

Oh well, so be it. Just so happens I am reading my way through Mark Twain’s works this year. I’m sure that enjoying the humor of one of America’s greatest writers reveals me as a closet racist. Can’t wait to reread The Tragedy of Pudd’nhead Wilson, one of my favorite Twain works.

I suppose I should stop by one of the Indian casinos but they wouldn’t want a bigot and racist spending money at one of their places. So I won’t. This is atypically mean of me, maybe I need to Think. Then Think Again. about this.

Maybe it just is all the atypical of me, not sure yet.


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