Science Fiction Writer Ray Bradbury’s Former Home Goes Up For Sale

The Los Angeles area home where famed science fiction writer Ray Bradbury lived for some 50 years is for sale with a price tag of $1.495 million. Bradbury wrote most of his books in his basement writing room of the Cheviot Drive home. Mr. Bradbury passed away in June of 2012.

If you have somehow missed out on reading one of his most famous books, Fahrenheit 451, do yourself a favor and give it a try even if science fiction isn’t a genre you normally read. The original version of the book was titled Fireman, a 25,000 word novella, which he pounded out on a rented typewriter in the basement of the library at UCLA. The charge was 10 cents for a half hour of typewriter time and Mr. Bradbury had a bag of dimes with $9.80, so he worked feverishly to finish within his budget. The writing of Fahrenheit 451 was done at his Cheviot Drive home.


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