Truck Driver Steven Utash Released From Detroit Hospital

There is a lot of hatred out there. Utah truck driver Steven Utash has been released from a Detroit hospital after six weeks of care. He had gotten out of his truck to go to the aid of a boy he had hit and for that he was beaten by a mob of bystanders. The 10 year-old boy was treated for a leg injury and released from hospital the day after the collision. The four adults and one juvenile were arrested and will stand trial.

But no story can as simple as black and white. Or black on white violence in this case. A lot of good people donated nearly $200,000 to cover Mr. Utash’s medial bills but that has flamed into a controversy when reports that money may have been spent improperly by Joe Utash, the truck drivers son. It was reported Joe had spent hundreds of dollars at a Detroit area strip-club but the family claims he didn’t have access to any of the donated money which is in a trust fund administered by his sister. Mandi Emerick, Joe’s sister said the money he spent at the strip club wasn’t from the medical fund it was from his unemployment check.

The trip to the strip club came to light because Joe made a bit of a ruckus when he claimed one of the dancers stole money from him.

Honestly I try to stay upbeat and positive about our society, but it is challenging at times.


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