Howard Dean Screams, Republicans Are Not American, Stay Away From Our Country

Former Vermont Governor, Howard Dean (D-VT) has been out on the campaign trail rallying the faithful for Democrat candidates. At a fund-raising event in Colorado Congressional candidate Andrew Romanoff, Dean went off on the right-wing and the Republican Party. In what has become an all too familiar refrain in political debate today, Governor Dean thinks the opposition is not American because they disagree with him on an issue, in this case voter-ID. The chairman emeritus of the Democratic National Committee railed that today’s Republican’s would be more comfortable in the (sic) Ukraine or Russia, but stay away from our country.”

Of course the Dean of Scream was playing fast and loose with hyperbole, he seems to get carried away in front of a crowd of supporters                (The Scream).

It takes me back to the day’s when, fed up with all of the complaining from the left, those on my side of the political spectrum fell in love with the phrase, “America, love it or leave it.” At the time it sounded great but with the sad state of political debate today I can see it really was just a simplistic way of ending any debate. Today Governor Dean should be ashamed of himself for his enthusiastic attack, telling Republicans to stay away from “Our Country”.

It would be asking too much but Mr. Romanoff should also disavow the words of Chairman Dean at his campaign event. But I know that won’t happen, just take a look at the New York Times report on the how the Democrats hope to stem the ground-swell of support Republican candidates seem to be gaining a little more than five months from the mid-term elections.

Important issues need to be discussed. Shutting down debate is not good for “Our Country” or any country.



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