Durham NC Restaurant Robbed By Gunmen Wearing Hoodies

I am not taking any advocacy position here, just seeing a little humor in a dangerous situation. The Pitt barbecue restaurant in Durham, North Carolina was held-up by gunmen wearing hoodies. Really, hitting all kinds of talking points in just a few terrifying minutes.

Firs off, t it probably didn’t happen because The Pitt is a “Gun Free Zone”, they have a prominent sign in front plainly stating “NO WEAPONS”, “NO CONCEALED FIREARMS”. OK, the police report states gunmen entered through the back door, so maybe they didn’t see the sign. Because obviously no respectable, hoodie wearing robber who goes on to assault a couple of employees would break the restaurants rules if she had seen the sign.

Then again maybe it did happen and they did see the sign and thought they had found the perfect spot. Again this situation doesn’t prove any side of the issue but the bumper sticker slogan does come to mind doesn’t it? When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns! Well, at least they didn’t have their guns concealed.

And I don’t know if President Obama will claim that if he had a son he would look like these guys, but maybe it does give Mark Cuban a little cover for his comment relating a little nervousness seeing a black kid wearing a hoodie. Wait, I didn’t say these guys were black, I have no idea, because they were wearing hoodies! And two of them had masks on, but it doesn’t matter because the police and media are to PC today to give such a helpful identifying characteristic of suspects that they want you to turn in.

Gun rights advocates are running with this story trying to make their point, which you would expect. Again, I’m not taking a position, had people been packing in the dining room it might have been worse than it was. We will never know because the diners were following the rules laid down by the owner, Greg Hatem. Not making it up, his name is Hatem. He really should change it to something a little more PC, a little less angry than Hatem.

And what is the matter with spell-check, it keeps telling me I have misspelled hoodies. It is 2014,it should know this word by now. But it suggests I should change it to goodies or foodies, woodies or hoodoos. So then I had to look up hoodoos to see what that means because I always take advantage of learning moments. Some would say I haven’t had enough of those. Anyway, according to the dictionary a hoodoo is a tall, thin spire of rock that protrudes from the bottom of an arid drainage basin or badlands. Wait, there’s more, they are sometimes called a tent rock, fairy chimney, and earth pyramid. Will this never end? Did I just read a gay slur in the dictionary? Never mind, at this rate I’m going to wind up being banned from the interwebs and the people who really know me are going to dislike me even more.

If you have gotten this far, let me apologize for taking your time with my feeble attempt at humor but really, I am so tired of trying to make sense of a seemingly senseless world. I am working on an actual thought piece on the subject of race relations, political correctness and the like,but I am taking the time to really Think. Then Think Again., to be sure I state my case clearly so when I offend people with my opinion it will not be because I didn’t do everything possible to avoid hurt feelings if possible. So check back in a couple of days and see if I can lay out a case for my take on the subject or if you feel I need to go back and Think maybe a third time.

Go forth, have a wonderful day and please whatever you do, try not to offend anyone.

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