Doctor’s Group Says, Ban Bacon From Ballparks

A group of doctors, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine  has opened an attack on a minor league baseball team, namely the Lehigh Valley IronPigs. The organization claims a membership of some 10,000 physicians and health care professionals and has launched an attack on the operators of the minor league team by placing a billboard near the team’s home stadium, Coca-Cola Park which urges the team to ban bacon at the ballpark.


 Billboard urging healthy food at Coca-Cola Park in Lehigh Valley

PCRM claims bacon may cause cancer and the IronPigs have promotions that target children. “During baseball season, we shield our kids from fastballs with helmets and chest protectors, but we should also be protecting them from the dangerous marketing being thrown their way by organizations like the IronPigs,” says Wells. “Baseball is our national pastime. As a community, we need to step up to the plate for our country’s health by taking bacon out of the ballpark.”

Wonder when they will notice the stadium is named Coca-Cola?

If you are in the area and would enjoy a night out at the ballgame get a ticket and enjoy yourself. Although the IronPigs point out that they have healthy fair available at the games I would suggest stopping by a new concession stand for this year, Ferrous’ Fries and FeFe’s Funnel Cakes. They have quite line-up of great sounding offerings such as Porker Fries: Waffle Fries or homemade chips topped with BBQ pulled pork, nacho cheese sauce and jalapeno peppers. But whatever you do don’teat them in front of the kids.

The PCRM points out that, “Baseball recently banned players from using chewing tobacco in front of kids, but offering them free bacon is just as dangerous. It’s turning a family-friendly event into a public health nightmare.”

While there is little doubt that as a nation we can stand to exercise more and improve our nutrition, but pulling a “Reefer Maddness”  is not acceptable. While the PCRM is not only free to do their part in nutrition education I would applaud them for their efforts if they did it reasonably and by not bully private businesses into running their operation the way the PCRM sees fit. The organization is also pushing legislation, Eat for Health Act,  which would require physicians to take yearly nutrition classes to keep up to date. Interesting the PCRM offers all sorts of nutrition information themselves. Oh, yes they do charge for it. I don’t know, maybe its just me but that just doesn’t sound right.

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