Elliot Rodger Mass Killing Near UC-Santa Barbara

UPDATE: A collection of Tweets in the aftermath of the killing spree. As ill as Mr. Rodger was, the comments here make me wonder about the sanity of all of us.

First, Think, Then Think Again. It doesn’t always work. Elliot Rodger did a lot of thinking about his life, what was good and not so good in it and what his options were. The course he took led to the murder of six innocent people Friday night in the idealistic California college area of Isla Vista. The son of Hollywood director Alan Schifman, had posted a YouTube video titled “Retribution”, warning of his actions to come.

Mr. Rodger left behind information on social media that gives more background about his behavior than experts often have in situations such as this. In the days to come there will be many theories developed trying to explain such senseless behavior. What is inescapable is there are many of us who are simply unable to cope with reality and the demands of life.

But already people are jumping on their well-ridden horse to explain what happened and why. Anti-gun types versus gun rights advocates have taken over the comments section at Huffington Post, along with those who say we need to pay attention to mental health issues and identifying problems before they reach the breaking point. While these people could make good arguments for their point of view, most of them don’t because they simply don’t take the time to Think. They have a pet issue and they know that taking care of it, is the answer. Don’t agree with them, or have a counter point to their argument, it’s time for name calling, ad hominem attacks and the possibility of a rational discussion is lost.

There are many issues to be explored in trying to analyze Mr. Rodger’s problems and no doubt most of them will talked about ad nauseam. Unfortunately, with all of the words spoken and uttered there probably will be little of value that comes from it all. Much like this post which has simply stated the obvious, the only real take away from these 400 words would be to cut down on the hyperbole, do some serious thinking and then be willing to discuss your ideas in a calm and respectful way.

Something I was noticing, while maybe a nebulous connection, were the other stories in the news running along side this mass murder story. Stories which will attract much more attention than they deserve. Such as the “Over The Top Wedding of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West in Florence. “Adriana Lima’s Nude Dress Turns Heads at Cannes Film Festival”. Both of those headlines were next to the shooting story on The Huffington Post. Of course both of those stories will attract a lot of attention. The only reason I would look at the second story is to find out who in the world Adriana Lima is. In the Daily Mail were articles such as, “Sofia Vergara splits with Nick Loeb blames her busy work schedule for not making it fun anymore.”  But could our obsession with the make-believe world of celebrities lead some of us to believe our life should be something it isn’t? Throwing that into the mix at any rate.

The pain and sorrow being experienced by the families of the six who lost their lives, because of the actions of one 22 year-old who couldn’t seem to develop they type of relationship he wanted with a young woman, is on the level of something I don’t even want to imagine. Condolences to all of them, there is nothing that can change what happened last night. Life is tough enough without having to cope with these nightmares.

From the left – comments from DemocraticUnderground, they blame Men’s Rights Movement.

From the right – comments from FreeRepublic, a metro-sexual raised in a liberal utopia.

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