Peter Rodger, Father of Mass Murderer Elliot Rodger Is Photographer

I try to learn something new every day. This doesn’t count.

Isla Vista gunman Elliot Rodger’s father seems to be a photographer of note. He specializes in photographing women’s backsides in interesting locations. While his son was shooting at people in Isla Vista because he said he couldn’t get any women, his father sells his photographs of naked women at a bargain rate of $1,200, at the Saatchi Art.

So, what I did learn from this would be, if I had and extra$1,200 in my pocket I would have to keep searching for a place to spend it because it wouldn’t be going for one of Rodger’s works. I’m sure many have a better appreciation of his art than do I, it just doesn’t quite work for me.

Not a knock on his work actually. From an untrained eye, I suppose his work is quite good. As I said, just not my taste.

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