The Science Of Eating A Cheeseburger

Just in time for enjoying summer barbecues and burgers, here is a little advise for the best way to put a burger together for maximum enjoyment. This may seem like a silly idea but just because we have done something the same way since we were four or five years old doesn’t mean it is really the best way of doing it. The reason it sounds like a silly idea is we are satisfied with things and don’t want to be bothered with new information. That could cause us to have to Think and that is, well it’s so hard. But I always favor a chance to be better, live better or just find out what I might have been missing out on. First Think, Then Think Again.

This article at Kitchen Daily has 8 examples of how to construct a better burger. For instance, now stay with me, this Thinking thing isn’t really all that much trouble, Japanese scientists have been doing some thinking and some research and have come up with the best way to hold your burger. I don’t have a particular problem being a rather fastidious eater, but I will give their method a try now that I have Thought about it. They say using your two thumbs and little fingers on the bottom bun is the best way to keep your burger from getting away from you. With some really good big burgers this might be worthwhile.

Thinking through some of their ideas, I can see that in solving one problem they create another. They suggest putting lettuce under the meat so the bottom bun doesn’t get over saturated with juices. But it seems that could create a bigger problem with juices off the lettuce and down your arms and onto your clothes. OK maybe we are Thinking about this too much.

On the YouTube  Jack on The Go ShowJack Scalfani reviews things when he is on the go. When reviewing burgers he eats them sideways like a taco. This gets the bread out-of-the-way allowing the burger and toppings to hit the pallet first. It is also easier for him when holding a camera in one hand and the burger with the other. I am definitely going to give this method a try along with simply holding the burger upside down to give all the flavor of the toppings to reach the pallet as well.

Then there is the David Hasselhoff  casual dinning style of chowing down which is certainly not recommended on a first date. Actually, avoid it at all costs. It could be the definition of bad table, or floor manners.

If you are just fine with your personal method of getting a burger to your mouth, by all means just find a good burger and enjoy. But when you Think about it, some of these suggestions do make sense. But if you are of the opinion that this topic doesn’t need to be analyzed then you probably agree with one person’s comment at Time opined, “And maybe after these so-called “scientists” are done with this study they can cure cancer or something…”



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