Freedom Is Not Free, Others Have Paid The Price For Our Freedom

Memorial Day 2014

First, Think. Then, Think Again. Today is a day for Thinking, for reflecting on our American freedoms, how we got them and how we still enjoy them thanks to the sacrifice others made to ensure them. This article by Msgr. Charles Pope helps to give meaning to this day of remembrance.

If you can, visit one of our 131 National Cemeteries, perfect places for contemplation. Try to imagine what it was and is like on the battlefield. For most of us we can only imagine, most of us have not been on front lines of battle. Most of us have not served in our Nation’s military in any capacity. But to those who have we owe much. Think about being out there facing the enemy, someone whose mission is to kill, and that means kill you. Every day you are in a life and death battle. While you live to fight another day, you have friends who fought beside you who became casualties in the fight.  You, somehow have to overcome the grief and pain and continue to do your job.

There must be moments when you wonder how you got in this position. In most wars in our Nation’s history you were there because your Uncle Sam said you were needed and you didn’t have a real choice. But whether you enlisted on your own or not you are here. On the battlefield. And doing your job and staying alive is your mission. When you are out there do you keep yourself going by hanging on the thought that you are doing something bigger than yourself? That you face death so your family, friends and fellow American’s can continue to live free? And in some wars at some moments in history are you bothered know some of your countrymen will not welcome you home from war as a hero but might actually treat you as a war criminal?

Today, of all days in the year, is a wonderful time to Think hard a long about what it is all about. About what others have gone through to preserve our way of life.


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