Coca Cola Presents The Happy Cycle, Hop On Mayor Bloomberg

Some people think Coca Cola’s ad agency is making a big mistake by talking about calories and exercise. Other folks are getting exercised because drinking a Coke or any other soft drink should be illegal to save us from ourselves. So take a look at the Coca Cola Happy Cycle, a video showing how much exercise the company says it would take to burn off the calories in a can of Coca Cola.

Now I always recommend that we First Think, Then Think Again about anything we do. I have, and have come to the conclusion that soft drinks in general are not a great choice for good health. And yet last night I enjoyed a hot-dog, loaded, and downed about 80 ounces of Pepsi for a thoroughly enjoyable snack. Thank goodness Mayor Michael Bloomberg wasn’t around, he would have suffered a coronary. Not that this is my typical behavior, I guess I just like living on the edge.

Now my brother, 10 years younger and sister-in law, even younger, drink water with meals. They get salad dressing served on the side, because they are afraid they will get too much otherwise. For me? Pour it on. For them, a waffle or pancake can have just a dab of syrup. They don’t understand. The only purpose of a stack of pancakes is to be able to melt massive amounts of butter between the cakes and soak up as much maple syrup as they will hold. The cake is simply a vehicle for moving the good stuff from plate to mouth.

Did I mention that I weigh in at my high school weight of 155? Did I point out my brother and sister in-law are seriously over weight? Not that it is all good, I would probably look better with an additional 10 to 20 pounds but I’m not going to look all that good regardless. Do I suggest that my habits of enjoying to many empty calories is good and their practice of limiting sugars and other empty calories is bad? Not at all. We are all different and in this Alice In Wonderland example where my general health is better with less healthy eating habits is an example.

Too many years of sitting at a desk writing and editing, with long hours and irregular eating habits led me to top out at 215 pounds a few years ago. So I changed my diet but more importantly I started moving again. I had to start off by walking then getting to the point of being able to jog as I did in my younger days. Running stairs turned out to be a favorite way of burning off calories. I still have to spend time at a desk but I can often use a stand up desk as did former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. My energy and ability to do things I want to do is wonderful. I wish so much that my brother and sister-in-law could do the same.

But Mayor Bloomberg, but Michelle Obama, we are all different. I do not disagree with your messages of healthy eating. I would be even better off if I were more fanatical about diet and exercise. That is my choice. The First Lady’s initiatives to overcome childhood obesity are laudable. The problem most people have with her and Mayor Bloomberg is their use of government mandates to control the behavior of citizens.

First Think, Then Think Again Obesity in America is a huge problem, Mayor Bloomberg and the First Lady are correct. Our increasingly sedentary lifestyles are an even bigger problem. How do we deal with these problems? For adults we can give them the information they need to make good personal decisions. Of course there are those who will say we must have mandates for children because they aren’t capable of making proper decisions and their parents can’t be trusted to do the right thing for them. Valid points.

But while thinking through all of this, it is of paramount importance to remember that, once again, we are all different. Some lucky folks can eat like crazy and be in very good health while others deny themselves and watch their diet and still can’t control their weight. And not to be forgotten is what makes people happy. I would not be happy being overweight. My lifestyle includes hiking in the wilderness, para-sailing, inline skating, body surfing and am working towards being able to compete in an Ultramarathon. (At my age running 100 miles could kill me) But even spending a week in Washington D.C., walking the national mall and visiting the monuments and museums is not a problem for me while my water drinking brother and sister-in-law, would not be able to keep up. There are also those who have made a conscious choice not to be in good physical condition and are perfectly happy. Or so they say. It is not for me, or a mayor or First Lady to tell them they are not happy.

The video that started this rant has gotten a lot of comments. People regurgitating their personal beliefs without any thought that not all people are like them or want to be like them. Some comments left at YouTube:

” Jabbar Meee23
Coke destroys u.. instead drink any fresh juice, even the cheapest one , the lemonade,. make it at home.. but avoid coke. its v.harmful”

“George Stratigos
True slavery to the coke….wow A truly selfish sick company. Nice idea using peoples addition and make them work for it and still get sugar related illness like diabetes.” (Suppose he meant addiction)

Dave Fox
“Congratulations on it taking only 128 years for your company to finally offer some truth in advertising.”

Just like me, these folks have their opinions and biases. But they see absolute evil in offering someone a soft drink. By the way if you have nothing better to do, check out the comment by Dave Fox and the avatar he uses. Don’t know who it is but, well a little overweight for someone so health conscious. Or maybe he thinks if the evil companies producing products people love were put out of business he could lose some baby fat.

Been standing and writing for too long. I’m going to go grab a glass of water. Because it is what I choose to do.



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