X-Games Skateboarding Gold Star Winner Nyjah Huston Not Award Winning Neighbor

In many ways Nyjah Huston has it all. At 19 he has the fame and fortune many dream of. But many of his new neighbors in San Juan Capistrano, California, say they can’t get enough sleep to dream at all, because of the party house Mr. Houston’s new $2.7 million crib has become. In just over three weeks, Orange County Sheriff’s officers have made nine calls on the house responding to complaints of loud noise. Most of the time the visits have been after midnight. Some neighbors also worry about the number of cars parked on the street being a danger by blocking the path of emergency vehicles in the case of fire.

Born in Davis, California and raised in San Lorenzo, Puerto Rico but has returned to California and a home he bought in September of 2013 in San Juan Capistrano. He had a falling out with his father and has blamed his fathers controlling nature for the problems. He has said his father raised him as a vegan as part of a strict Rastafari lifestyle. That included listening to only reggae music and not being able to cut his dreadlocks.  With his mom he founded Let It FLow an organization that helps bring clean water to needy communities.

Bagging more prize money than any skateboarder in history not to mention endorsement money, he has been able to buy into an exclusive southern California neighborhood not accustomed to the type of parties a 19 year-old skateboard hero seems to thrive on.  His Twitter page might give some clue what his neighbors are up against. Another Justin Beiber in the making? Only time will tell. Let’s hope his mom is able to have some influence and make him understand there are others who command respect, not just him.



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