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Coca Cola Presents The Happy Cycle, Hop On Mayor Bloomberg

Some people think Coca Cola’s ad agency is making a big mistake by talking about calories and exercise. Other folks are getting exercised because drinking a Coke or any other soft drink should be illegal to save us from ourselves. So take a look at the Coca Cola Happy Cycle, a video showing how much exercise the company says it would take to burn off the calories in a can of Coca Cola.

Now I always recommend that we First Think, Then Think Again about anything we do. I have, and have come to the conclusion that soft drinks in general are not a great choice for good health. And yet last night I enjoyed a hot-dog, loaded, and downed about 80 ounces of Pepsi for a thoroughly enjoyable snack. Thank goodness Mayor Michael Bloomberg wasn’t around, he would have suffered a coronary. Not that this is my typical behavior, I guess I just like living on the edge.

Now my brother, 10 years younger and sister-in law, even younger, drink water with meals. They get salad dressing served on the side, because they are afraid they will get too much otherwise. For me? Pour it on. For them, a waffle or pancake can have just a dab of syrup. They don’t understand. The only purpose of a stack of pancakes is to be able to melt massive amounts of butter between the cakes and soak up as much maple syrup as they will hold. The cake is simply a vehicle for moving the good stuff from plate to mouth.

Did I mention that I weigh in at my high school weight of 155? Did I point out my brother and sister in-law are seriously over weight? Not that it is all good, I would probably look better with an additional 10 to 20 pounds but I’m not going to look all that good regardless. Do I suggest that my habits of enjoying to many empty calories is good and their practice of limiting sugars and other empty calories is bad? Not at all. We are all different and in this Alice In Wonderland example where my general health is better with less healthy eating habits is an example. Continue reading Coca Cola Presents The Happy Cycle, Hop On Mayor Bloomberg


Appeals Court Rules In Favor of Carla Gericke: Americans Have Constitutional Right To Film Police

The United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit, handed down a ruling this week that has not received the attention the case is due. The case began in March 2010 when Carla Gericke was attempting to video a police stop of her friend.

Appellate Judge Kermit Lipez writes:

“This case raises an important question about an individual’s First Amendment right to film a traffic stop by a police officer. Carla Gericke attempted to film Sergeant Joseph Kelley as he was conducting a late-night traffic stop. Shortly thereafter, she was arrested and charged with several crimes, including a violation of New Hampshire’s wiretapping statute. Gericke was not brought to trial. She subsequently sued the Town of Weare, its police department, and the officers who arrested and charged her, alleging in pertinent part that the wiretapping charge constituted retaliatory prosecution in violation of her First Amendment rights.”

The U.S. Court of Appeals ruling states (Read entire ruling here):

“Under Gericke’s version of the facts, where there was no police order to stop filming or leave the area, a jury could supportably find that the officers violated her First Amendment right by filing the wiretapping charge against her because of her attempted filming of Sergeant Kelley during the traffic stop. It was clearly established at the time of the stop that the First Amendment right to film police carrying out their duties in public, including a traffic stop, remains unfettered if no reasonable restriction is imposed or in place. Accordingly, we hold that the district court properly denied qualified immunity to the officers on Gericke’s section 1983 claim that the wiretapping charge constituted retaliatory prosecution in violation of the First Amendment. – “.

Law enforcement officers put their lives on the line in our country every day. The efforts of the many honorable and brave law enforcement personnel should be remembered by everyone. But when on duty they also must recognize that we are a nation of laws and the laws apply to them as well as the public they serve. Many also need to have a better understanding of the constitutional rights we all share. Sometimes these rights seem to make some officers nervous and unfortunately there are far too many cases such as Ms. Gericke’s. article on Ms. Gericke’s case.

Another case involving Simon Glik being taken into police custody for recording a police arrest he was witnessing. Police told him to stop because he was violating Massachusetts wiretap laws. Again the courts ruled in favor of a citizens constitutional rights.


Michelle Obama’s ‘Let’s Move’ Lunches

First Lady Michelle Obama can be commended for her focus on what’s good for the diet of America’s youth. Ms. Obama couldn’t be more correct, our children’s diet needs improving and physical activity is necessary for good health.  But what is the reality of her “Let’s Move” program?

Seems like many public school children are far from impressed with what it has meant to their school lunches. They have been using #ThanksMichelle and are Tweeting photos of their lunches. Lunches that are winding up in the trash can more than ever.

But check your privilege. The Obama daughters attend Sidwell Friends which has the # 1 school lunch program in America. Not the same menu you will find in public schools.

As with so many government-run programs, the intention may be good but the execution may leave much to be desired. From tales from the school cafeterias around the country what has been directed from Washington is not being well received and may be a bigger waste of money and food than the effort is worth. I don’t know if you can trust school children to know what is best for themselves but evidently they do know what they don’t like to have shoved down their throats even at their young age.

Honoring America’s Heroes On Memorial Day – Brennan Leininger Is One

Memorial Day 2014, the day when America pauses at the beginning of summer to honor American heroes who have fought to preserve the freedoms each American enjoys everyday. There are others who are heroes for their actions as private citizens. Brennan Leininger is an Anaheim police officer who during his off time has stepped up to do something about the way America’s fallen are honored on Memorial Day at Riverside National Cemetery in southern California.

Three years ago Mr. Leininger and his wife attended Memorial Day ceremonies at the cemetery in Riverside and saw what he thought was a shortcoming that needed to be fixed. He began by raising $10,000 in the first year and was able to purchase 21,000 flags to place on grave sites. This year volunteers have helped to place 140,000 flags throughout the cemetery. Continue reading Honoring America’s Heroes On Memorial Day – Brennan Leininger Is One

New Trains In France Too Wide For Station Platforms

The French train operator SNCF, has admitted that the 2.000 new trains which have been ordered are too wide for many of the nation’s regional station platforms.

No worries, work is underway to make the costly alterations so all will be good. Long story short, they used dimensions for the platforms built in the last 30 years but most of the nation’s 1,200 platforms are over 50 years old and narrower than the newer ones and have to be modified.

They obviously needed some of my advice, Think. Then Think Again. Just like measure twice, cut once.