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Openly Gay Republican Congressional Candidate Carl DeMaio Battles Hate From The Left

The primary season continues on Tuesday June 3rd with Californians going to the polls, although not expected to do so in large numbers. One race of interest is in the southern part of the Golden State, the 52nd congressional district. In one of the few remaining large population centers in the state where Republicans hold hope of winning, their leading candidate is Carl DeMaio and he is openly gay. His story is told by Dana Perino of Fox News. Mr. DeMaio has a compelling back- story of personal success including election to the San Diego City Council.

The interesting dynamic is California’s open primary system giving registered Democrats the opportunity to vote for a Republican such as Mr. DeMaio if they wish. But much of the smear campaign against him has thought to actually come from the left. Much as black Republicans are marginalized because of their conservatism, it seems the same dynamic is at play in the case of Mr. DeMaio, who, if a Democrat, would be attracting a lot of support simply because he is gay. On the other side, will socially conservative Republicans vote for a candidate such as Mr. DeMaio who more closely represents their views on most matters than the Democrat incumbent, Scott Peters or cast their vote for someone else because of that same issue. Continue reading Openly Gay Republican Congressional Candidate Carl DeMaio Battles Hate From The Left


Michelle Obama’s ‘Let’s Move’ Lunches

First Lady Michelle Obama can be commended for her focus on what’s good for the diet of America’s youth. Ms. Obama couldn’t be more correct, our children’s diet needs improving and physical activity is necessary for good health.  But what is the reality of her “Let’s Move” program?

Seems like many public school children are far from impressed with what it has meant to their school lunches. They have been using #ThanksMichelle and are Tweeting photos of their lunches. Lunches that are winding up in the trash can more than ever.

But check your privilege. The Obama daughters attend Sidwell Friends which has the # 1 school lunch program in America. Not the same menu you will find in public schools.

As with so many government-run programs, the intention may be good but the execution may leave much to be desired. From tales from the school cafeterias around the country what has been directed from Washington is not being well received and may be a bigger waste of money and food than the effort is worth. I don’t know if you can trust school children to know what is best for themselves but evidently they do know what they don’t like to have shoved down their throats even at their young age.

Fidel Castro’s Hidden Life

Cuban dictator Fidel Castro claims to live frugally. Lies. “He lives in a luxury most Cubans can not even imagine.” That according to Juan Reinaldo Sánchez, a former Castro body-guard, in his memoirs, ” Fidel Castro’s Hidden Life”. “Contrary to what he has always said, Fidel has never renounced capitalist comforts or chosen to live in austerity.”

Sanchez was a body-guard for 17 years before being branded a traitor and tossed into jail. Now in “La Vie Cachée de Fidel Castro (Fidel Castro’s Hidden Life),” Sanchez says Castro enjoyed a private island as well as a private 88 foot yacht and 20 luxury homes. The Cuban leader also always traveled with 10 body guards, two of whom had to have the same blood type as Castro who didn’t trust stored blood.

All of this comes as a surprise to some. Those who still believe in the legend of Fidel Castro need to First, Think, then Think Again.



Howard Dean Screams, Republicans Are Not American, Stay Away From Our Country

Former Vermont Governor, Howard Dean (D-VT) has been out on the campaign trail rallying the faithful for Democrat candidates. At a fund-raising event in Colorado Congressional candidate Andrew Romanoff, Dean went off on the right-wing and the Republican Party. In what has become an all too familiar refrain in political debate today, Governor Dean thinks the opposition is not American because they disagree with him on an issue, in this case voter-ID. The chairman emeritus of the Democratic National Committee railed that today’s Republican’s would be more comfortable in the (sic) Ukraine or Russia, but stay away from our country.”

Of course the Dean of Scream was playing fast and loose with hyperbole, he seems to get carried away in front of a crowd of supporters                (The Scream).

It takes me back to the day’s when, fed up with all of the complaining from the left, those on my side of the political spectrum fell in love with the phrase, “America, love it or leave it.” At the time it sounded great but with the sad state of political debate today I can see it really was just a simplistic way of ending any debate. Today Governor Dean should be ashamed of himself for his enthusiastic attack, telling Republicans to stay away from “Our Country”.

It would be asking too much but Mr. Romanoff should also disavow the words of Chairman Dean at his campaign event. But I know that won’t happen, just take a look at the New York Times report on the how the Democrats hope to stem the ground-swell of support Republican candidates seem to be gaining a little more than five months from the mid-term elections.

Important issues need to be discussed. Shutting down debate is not good for “Our Country” or any country.



Mark Twain Was A Racist Says Washoe Tribe Of Nevada And California

The Nevada State Board on Geographic Names has shot down a proposall to name a cove at Lake Tahoe after Samuel Clemens, Twain’s real name. The proposal was doomed from the start, there was no way something like that could happen with the number of groups that could claim to be aggrieved by the American satirist. In this case, Darrel Cruz, head of the Washoe Tribes cultural resource department, said it was unacceptable to honor Twain because of derogatory things Twain wrote about the Washoe and other tribes.

Oh well, so be it. Just so happens I am reading my way through Mark Twain’s works this year. I’m sure that enjoying the humor of one of America’s greatest writers reveals me as a closet racist. Can’t wait to reread The Tragedy of Pudd’nhead Wilson, one of my favorite Twain works.

I suppose I should stop by one of the Indian casinos but they wouldn’t want a bigot and racist spending money at one of their places. So I won’t. This is atypically mean of me, maybe I need to Think. Then Think Again. about this.

Maybe it just is all the atypical of me, not sure yet.