College Baseball Super Regionals

The NCAA baseball playoffs continue this weekend with Super Regionals being played at 8 sites across the country. The field of 64 has been paired to the Sweet Sixteen after the regionals last weekend. The eight winners advance to Omaha next week for the College Baseball World Series. Only 2 number 1 seeds failed to advance out of their regionals with Rice eliminating number 1 seed Oregon and Oklahoma ending Virginia Tech’s season. Seven of the eight National Seeds advanced and are hosting Super Regionals this weekend with the eighth seeded Oregon Ducks not advancing.

Tropical Storm Andrea is causing problems for the Chapel Hill, NC regional with Friday’s game being pushed to Saturday and in Raleigh, officials have pushed the start time of the Rice – North Carolina State to 7 pm.

Besides seeing some great baseball it is great to see the venues on display. There are many outstanding baseball stadiums across the country on college campuses. Out west, Cal State Fullerton will once again be hosting the Fullerton Super Regional with rival UCLA in a series that was sold out days in advance. UCLA took all of their allotted tickets and could probably have used more.

Cal State Fullerton a.k.a. Cal State Omaha at this time of the year is two wins from returning to Omaha in quest of National Title number 5. The expectations run high at the Orange Country, California school, a sign on the right field fence reads, “1,544 Miles to Omaha”, a reminder of where each season is supposed to lead for the Pride of Orange County. The Titans have a rich baseball tradition since moving up to Division I in 1975 under the leadership of Augie Guarrido who after leaving once for the University of Illinois returned and then got the call from the Texas Longhorns where he has been since 1997.

After Guarrido, other coaches have continued the magic that is Fullerton Titan baseball. George Horton guided the Titans to Omaha and left to start a new program at the University of Oregon. Dave Serrano guided Fullerton for four seasons before being lured to Knoxville to lead the Tennessee Volunteers. Former assistant coach Bill Kernen left when he got the opportunity to start the new baseball program at Cal State Bakersfield taking another Titan, Jody Robinson with him as an assistant.

But the grass is not always greener whether synthetic or a Bermuda hybrid. The baseball season is over at the University of Oregon, Texas, Tennessee and Cal State Bakersfield but the Fullerton Titans season continues under Rick Vanderhook. He returned to the Fullerton campus after Serrano left for UT. Vanderhook had been passed over when Serrano was hired and wound up at UCLA as an assistant coach. Now he faces UCLA in a best 2 of 3 series for the right to play in Omaha. In the two meetings between Fullerton and UCLA this season the Titans are 2 – 0 beating UCLA at home and on the road. But those were week day games and both schools will have their weekend pitchers ready for action.

If you are anywhere near one of the Super Regional sites and can score a ticket, do yourself a favor and take in some college baseball. Otherwise ESPN will be covering all of the games so check some out.


South Carolina Special Election

Polling took a hit in this race, specifically PPP, Public Policy Polling which had the race a toss up in their final poll. Results didn’t talk long and the race ended in what is typically referred to as a landslide. Slate had a live blog to follow the vote count and at 7:43 pm EDT the reporter had some hope. The 8:43 pm update ended the coverage with the tearful report that it was all but over.

The winner was disgraced former Governor Mark Sanford, the Republican defeating Democrat Elizabeth Colbert Busch by a nine point margin.

Some who didn’t follow the race wondered why so much attention was given to a race in a solid Republican district. With a damaged candidate on the Republican side the Democrats and big labor jumped in big time to pull off the win. Nancy Pelosi and PPP turned out to be the losers tonight.


Speed of Light In Deep Dark Space

More fascinating science reported in the Cleveland Reader says that the speed of light in space may be variable. It seems the speed of light can be affected and that some computations  should be revised to include the speed of light as variable and not a constant in real space.

Since the first recorded attempt to measure the speed of light by Galileo there have been many discoveries refining, defining and quantifying the speed of light. If you are interested enough to read the Cleveland Reader article, dig a little deeper around the internet. Sometimes in school science didn’t seem as interesting to me as it should have.

Neanderthals, What Big Eyes You Had

A study published in the Royal Society B suggests that Neanderthals had larger eyes than we do and that led to their demise.

The BBC reports that more of their brains were devoted to what they were able to see at the expense of higher level processing.

The wonderful work done by scientists such as these is fascinating to, well Neanderthals such as myself. But with each discovery or each new theory posited, I realize how little we actually know. So much of I was taught in school as FACT, has not stood the test of time. Wish some of my teachers who gave me those C grades would show up at a class reunion. Wonder if it is too late to get a grade changed. Probably don’t want to go there best to leave well enough alone.

First, Think. Then, Think Again

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