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Penthouse Of New York City’s Woolworth Building Asking Price: $110 Million

If I were going to invest $110 million in real estate it wouldn’t be for the Woolworth Building’s new penthouse. Not that it isn’t worth it, I’m just more of a wide open type who likes more land than is provided with Manhattan real estate. But then, for me, a $110 million investment for anything would necessarily involve some sort of fraud to begin with so it really doesn’t matter. For someone who actually has the financial resources to afford it, the upper nine floors of this historic New York building at 233 Broadway, will make a spectacular home.

The neo-Gothic style Woolworth Building went up in 1913 and at that time was the tallest building in the world at 792 feet. President Woodrow Wilson ceremoniously turned the building’s lights on by pressing a button in Washington D.C.. The ornate, cruciform lobby (tours are available) was granted Landmark status in 1983 but had been closed to the public for the past 12 years. There was also a pool in the basement, when the building opened in 1913, one of its selling points was a health club complete with indoor pool and Turkish bath, open “day and night.”

I won’t be buying because a lobby tour ticket is about all I can really afford but if you are the one with the cash burning a hole in your pocket, I would love to be invited for a visit.

Well that isn’t going to happen I’m sure but here are some spectacular photos.